West Goshen GOP

West Goshen Republican Committee

About Committeepeople:

In Chester County there are 454 Republican committee positions divided up between 227 precincts/polling centers.  There is both a male and female role in each precinct, and is an elected yet unpaid position.  The people serving in this role are decided upon by voters during even numbered Primary Elections. 

The responsibilities of the committee person includes: reaching out to constituents in his/her precinct by informing them about upcoming elections and registration dates, providing absentee ballot and voter registration forms, and familiarizing them with our Republican candidates.  

Another important role of the committeeman and committeewoman is interviewing and endorsing potential candidates at the yearly County Committee Meeting.  A candidate who receives 60% of the committee people's votes, earns the County Committee's endorsement.  An endorsement from a political party carries a lot of weight going into a Primary Election, and that candidate usually wins and moves on to the General Election.  Needless to say, you want to vote for committee people who align with your ideology and beliefs in order to have them vote for whom you would like to see endorsed and listed on your Primary ballot.

If you are interested in reading the official bylaws of this position, click here.